Unrivalled Nail Art for Caledon

When it comes to offering an unrivalled nail art service there is a lot to consider. At Aqua Mer Spa we have learned that there are many aspects of our business that keeps our Caledon customers coming back time and time again however, one point is more important than most.

Sure, there is little doubt that our professional attitude towards the application of nail therapy, along with our client-first approach to customer service helps us to stand out from the crowd. However, we believe that it is our commitment to providing the most individual and unique nail art designs that separates us from our competitors. We work extremely hard every day to create nail designs that are both original and tailor-made to suit your appearance and personality.

Our award-winning team of therapists is committed to leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of nail perfection and we take great pride in being the best we can be. This reputation is not easily earned and our commitment to excellence ensures that it is maintained. For us, your satisfaction is our ultimate reward. That is why we are most pleased when we see a customer leave our spa happier than they were when they arrived. So, if you are looking create a nail design that meets your unique and individual personality and style then look no further. Call today to hear more about our limited time offers and to schedule an appointment at a time of your convenience.

Nail Art for all Occasions

The great thing about custom designed nail art is that it can be classy or chic depending on the look that you are going for. So, whether you are preparing for a friend’s wedding or simply looking to stand out from your co-workers at the office Christmas party, we can provide you with the look that will best suit your needs. A trusted, friendly and professional approach as well as our affordable prices and flexible opening hours mean that we should always be your number one call when it comes the best nail art design in Caledon . Don’t take chances with inferior spas or salons, call the team you can trust today.

Creative Nail Art

Nowadays nail art is a big business and it appears that every second woman is sporting some type of unique design. This can make it seem a little difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, if you invest in a nail art treatment from Aqua Mer Spa you can rest assured knowing that your nails will be in the best hands possible.

Whether it is intricate nail gel designs, customized decals or vibrant colors that you wouldn’t have thought of, we have a wide range of options to choose from. We take pride in being as open as possible with our clients so if there is any idea that you would like applied to your nails then don’t be afraid to ask.